How to Overcome Dental Anxiety

According to The Journal of the Canadian Dental Association, about 22 percent of patients experience extreme fear or anxiety about seeing the dentist. This phobia prevents them from seeing their dentist, causing oral health issues to pile up over time. That avoidance can cause some serious long-term issues!

So let’s break down what dental phobia really looks like and how we can overcome it.

How to Deal With Dental Anxiety

To cope with dental anxiety, it is important to understand how it affects your health. And facing the common causes of dental anxiety will help you better understand your fears and address them in a healthy manner. Don’t worry though, there are some simple tips you can follow to make your next visit easier.

Keep reading to find out how to overcome your dental anxiety with Dawson Dental Hanover.

How Dental Anxiety Affects Your Health

What do you do when something frightens you? You avoid it whenever possible!

As much is true for those with dental anxiety, as well. Dental anxiety affects a great number of Canadians, causing some to avoid or skip out on dental appointments entirely. This can cause significant overall health problems, even beyond the mouth.

You can see an example of that in our article on how missing teeth affect your health here.

Going to the dentist to get preventative or restorative treatment address critical issues to your dental and overall health. By letting your dental phobia dominate your decision-making, there are a number of negative outcomes you can expect like:

  • Stained teeth
  • Chipped teeth
  • Gum disease & recession
  • Cavities & tooth decay
  • Pain
  • Tooth loss

And unfortunately, poor oral health can lead to serious issues like sleep apnea or even oral cancer. That’s why going to the dentist is essential. Not only do you protect your appearance, but you also protect your good health.

5 Tips to Help You Stay Calm For Your Next Visit

At Dawson Dental Hanover, we make every effort to make your visit as easy as possible. In doing so, we recognize that anxiety is a difficult hurdle to overcome. Dental anxiety is one of the most common forms of anxiety, which is reflected in the number of people who avoid dental appointments. We’ve compiled a concise list of things you can do to overcome your dental anxiety here.

  1. Bring distractions
  2. Practice mindfulness before and after your visit
  3. Don’t focus on past bad experiences
  4. Talk to your dentist about your fears
  5. Bring a trusted person to your appointment

We are here to help and listen. If dental anxiety is stopping you from committing to the dental care you need, give us a call to talk about it at 1-877-947-8639.

You Can Overcome Your Dentist Anxiety

By taking the above tips to heart, you’ll make your next trip to the dentist easier. But don’t forget to consider how you can make the experience better for yourself. Give yourself extra time because there’s nothing worse than rushing to an appointment you’re not looking forward to. And ask a lot of questions! Make sure to voice your concerns about discomfort or embarrassment.

How to Find the Right Dentist

The right dentist makes all the difference. Not only will you feel more confident and comfortable, but you’ll also start to feel engaged in the dental process. So when researching dentists, make sure to look for friendliness, professionalism, certification, and a diverse range of treatments. A good dentist is one who offers a variety of treatments in a way that is easy and simple for patients.

To double-check your research, you can take a look at the dentist’s services and reviews. Or you could skip the hassle and book with Dawson Dental Hanover because not only can we say that we are friendly professionals, but our reviews back it up.

Take a look at our Patient Center to see how we can help you get started on your dental journey.

 Common Causes of Dental Anxiety

As dental anxiety is such a common phobia, there are numerous causes and forms it takes. From childhood trauma to a fear of oral pain and discomfort, there are many valid reasons to be anxious over a dental appointment. Hopefully, by exploring these fears directly, we’ll make them more manageable.

So what are the most common causes of dental anxiety?


Probably the most common root of dental phobias, pain and discomfort are a large factor in what keeps patients away from our offices. We can’t deny that certain parts of dentistry can be uncomfortable and downright painful. But we can assure you that we never take action unless necessary and beneficial. We also know that in the long term, it’s worth it.

Without proper attention, a minor issue that may not even begin painfully can transform into a monster of dental health that causes the patient more pain than any dental treatment ever could. If you’re having a hard time accepting some short-term discomfort for long-term health, contact our team now. We know that by talking about it, we’ll break down some of those fears.

Loss of control

Fear of the unknown can take many forms. When it comes to dental phobia, the fear of losing control is very real. A professional is performing an intricate service on a vulnerable part of your body. Can there be a better example of a loss of control? Probably not. That’s why this anxiety is completely valid. And you’ve probably already guessed it, but the best solution to this problem is to speak with your dental team and start to build trust. Trust is earned, so we’ll work hard to make sure that you are informed and comfortable during your appointment.

Speaking of knowledge, take a look at the full list of our services here. You’re sure to find a service or treatment that suits your needs.


Experiencing dental health issues can cause patients to be very embarrassed. Whether it’s bad breath, tooth decay, or gum disease, there is a lot of pressure to have perfect teeth. But life isn’t perfect, and is often messy, just like our teeth. We know that the initial hurdle to better oral hygiene can be a doozy. That’s why we make our process as simple and nonjudgmental as possible. Beyond successful results, your comfort is our priority.

Past negative experiences

Let’s make one thing clear. You deserve the best dental experience. When past dental experiences affect our present-day decision-making, then that means you had a genuinely poor experience. We aren’t here to deny that experience or disregard the professionals you previously chose to work with. We are here to promise you that we can do better. Over time, with enough positive dental experiences, we can wash away the effects of a past negative dental experience.

Dawson Dental Hanover is Here to Help

When it comes to tackling dental phobia, there are many specific things you can try to overcome it. Everyone’s experience is unique and so are the solutions that will help you. Whether it’s practicing mindfulness or bringing in a friend, you have the power to overcome your mental hurdles. And we’re here to help you. Definitely, one of the best things you can do is to be prepared and have open communication with your dentist. When you equip yourself with knowledge, you arm yourself with the tools needed to conquer your dental phobia.

For over 30 years, Dawson Dental Hanover has provided the highest quality dental services in Midwestern Ontario. Working with so many customers, we’ve come to understand the best practices to make clients comfortable and happy with their treatments. We look forward to showing you how all our experience can benefit you and your smile, so give us a call today at 1-877-947-8639.