What Your Teeth May Be Telling You

Here’s a checklist of some common dental problems and what they could mean. This is just a guide, only a dentist can give you an accurate diagnosis. If you have any questions about the signs and symptoms that aren’t on this list, call the office – we can help.

Sensitive Teeth

Teeth can react to hot, cold, sweetness and pressure. Sensitivity can appear suddenly or overtime. It usually means that there is an underlying problem that needs to be taken care of. Check with us – we’ll find out what’s wrong.

Dry Mouth

This is a side effect of many medications. It’s uncomfortable and can make other dental problems worse. Call us.

Bleeding Gums When Brushing or Flossing

If you just started flossing regularly, a little bleeding is nothing to worry about. If it doesn’t stop or happens regularly when you brush or floss, better call the dental office. It may be a sign that your gums need extra care.

Wobbly or Loose Tooth

A blow to the mouth or gum disease can shake a tooth loose. In either case, it’s a serious problem. Please call us immediately.

Bad Breath

Persistent bad breath can be caused by food, drinking, smoking, diets, some medications or gum disease. If you can’t get rid of it with regular brushing or flossing, give us a call.