What’s New With Dawson Dental

Over and over we get calls for check-ups, but today, we thought we could give our clients a check-up on what Dawson Dental Hanover has been doing behind the scenes.

It has been years since our last major update, but nonetheless, we think it’s important to know your healthcare provider as more than just a semi-annual in-and-out – We are a resource for your family!

Up until now though, we haven’t felt that our website represented our goals and values toward creating a welcoming environment for our current and future clientele.

This is why we felt it time to give ourselves a little digital spruce-up!

What’s Changed?

Firstly, you’ll most likely notice our website’s new look and feel.

Designed from the bottom-up to get you the information you need right away; we understand that the real connections with your dentist happen while you’re in the chair.

So, expect to find all our navigation and content to be focused on getting you the answers you need. From getting in contact with us to “What really counts as a Dental Emergency?”, you can get there in just a few clicks or taps on your mobile.

Has It Been A While?

If it has been a long time since you have seen our office or you have been avoiding your family’s scheduled checkup due to these unprecedented times, know that you are taken care of like our own when you visit Dawson Dental Hanover.

We wouldn’t expect you to go anywhere we wouldn’t feel safe. This is why your safety has been put first, going above and beyond public recommendations to ensure your visits are enjoyable and stress-free.

Don’t believe us? Get on the phone today and ask your questions away! We will be happy to let you we’re ready to accept your appointment and take care of whatever it is you have been putting off… What’s family for anyway?

Everyone at Dawson Dental Hanover looks forward to seeing you!